About Me!

Hi! Thanks for visiting!

I have 3 great girls, a wonderful husband, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds and a hamster. I love animals, in case you couldn’t tell. Sometimes, it’s hard to work at home, though, because they all demand my attention. Ha!

I spent 15 years in a high school science classroom then I decided that it was no longer for me. The high school classroom, not the science. I still massively adore science. In fact I still teach a college distance learning Astronomy course.

I found that while my passion was teaching it wasn’t a passion to be in the field. So I took my passion and started this business. I love being able to help people fulfill their dreams by changing their mindset. I have seen the changes in me and I wish that I had known when I was 20 what I know now, but don’t we all.

I believe that you’re never too old to change. Whether it’s changing your life, your career or changing anything else you feel you need to change…you can do it with the right mindset, tools and support.

Know that I have your back. I support you. I love you. Together, we can change the world.

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