It’s All Energy

Science is my jam. I love everything about science. After all, my bachlor’s is in life science education and my master’s is in geoscience. I’ve taught pretty much every type of science from high school on up to college. So excuse me today if I get a bit nerdy on you today.

There’s a law in science call the Law of Conservation of Energy. It states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes forms. For example, light energy from the sun is converted into energy that is stored (as glucose) in plants then it gets converted in our bodies to an energy source called ATP. Another example is when you flip a light switch on you change electrical energy into light energy.

Everything has energy. EVERYTHING. A chair has molecules in it and it vibrates at a specific frequency depending on the composition of it. This comes off in waves. Think of light colors, each one has a specific wave length. Reds are much more compressed and have higher energy. Blues are more spread out and lower energy. This is why people love to wear crystals, rocks and minerals. Each one is made up of certain elements and they all vibrate with energy waves that has to go somewhere (think heat coming off of you while exercising). So the energy from specific crystals can go into the wearer.

The same holds true for your personal energy. Have you ever been around someone who is having a bad day? or someone who is always negative? You can literally feel it coming off in waves from them. Often those types of people drain you of your energy. They are what we call energy vampires. The suck all your energy out and you feel…just…deflated after an interaction.

This is in direct contrast to those that have a light energy in them. These people are almost always bubbly and just about everyone loves to be around them. This is because they infuse the people around them with energy. They inspire people. When you leave them, you just feel uplifted and better about every one.

The real question is which one are you? What is your energy more consistent at. Are you a vampire or are you light? Don’t get me wrong, not everybody can be light 100% of the time, but they don’t let the bad stuff get them down as much. They can rebound faster. Those that are energy vampires rarely see the light. Everything tends to be wrong in their life. Things happen to them constantly. Many become blamers and don’t take accountability for their life always looking for some outside source that caused them the pain.

The energy that you put out in life comes back to you. Nothing can show this more than when you have a bad day. You wake up and stub your toe, then you burn your breakfast, maybe you forget to get gas, you get an email from your boss you don’t like…before long you’re thinking, “What else can go wrong?”

People who are energy vampires will always see the negative. Someone may talk about meeting a great guy on tinder and they’ll comment with the worst things they can think of. They’re usually not happy people. They always find evidence of what they believe to be true to reinforce their beliefs. Beliefs like bad things always happen to me. They get a flat tire on the way to work and they think “Of course this would happen to me.”

The same can be true with someone who lives their life waking up and saying “What great things will happen for me today?” So, they’ll attract great things. Maybe they’ll get an email from their boss that brightens their day, get a pay it forward at the starbucks drive through, find 5 cents in their pocket, and so forth.

The main difference between the two is that one is always looking for something bad to happen to them while the other is always looking for something good to happen for them and they’re grateful when it does. There’s a new movie coming out called The Secret: Dare to Dream with Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas that shows and talks about how the energy you put out comes back you. Watch the trailer below!

So now, which type of energy will you choose to put out? The energy of an energy vampire or that of the light? Will you look for the great things that can happen for you or the bad things that can happen to you? Will you have a negative or a positive mindset about your day?


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